It was a check that was coordinated with unprecedented handle and resolve when our Authorities issued an extremely strong caution that cessation of operations in a single country would result in-all five states in closing of the Company’s functions. The others are currently history.

Member Governments remain equally. This dedication was again lately proven in the World Bank inside the amount of EC$8M using the authorization of loans. These funds will soon be used to consolidate the increases in reforming the segment manufactured, present preliminary backing of EC$2.7M for a Widespread Service Finance and support extend broadband use of public institutions like faculties, understanding resource centers and wellness companies.

As Chairman of Authority, it is with good pleasure that I've witnessed ECTEL's introduction like a clear, respected and separate advisory body. Indeed, the Telecommunications Act requires every NTRC to consult with ECTEL on all Regulatory matters. These contain charges accreditation and pricing, range management, variety administration, technological specifications.

My admiration for your ECTEL Regulatory platform – the only real Telecommunications regulatory construction of its kind in the world, has been expanding. It's created important strides in its use the NTRCs, although ECTEL remains developing. In this value, ECTEL must continue its role that is collaborative, being completely conscious that each NTRC is required by the Telecommunications Act, while generally taking into consideration the assistance tendered by ECTEL, to act impartially and separately in controlling the Industry.

Again, I convey sincere congratulations to ECTEL in its small lifetime on its several results and look forward to the continued effective involvement of my Government within this very important regional integration work.