I would like to with respect to Ministers' Authority increase warm congratulations about the observance of our fifth Anniversary festivities towards the Western Caribbean Telecommunications Expert. It's certainly a chance that is very happy that the Member Condition where the ECTEL Agreement was authorized, Grenada, must contain the Seat of Ministers' Authority about the fifth Wedding of the all-important intergovernmental organization's event.

On May when the Agreement was closed by five OECS Heads of Government, the nations were going into uncharted seas. A definite perspective had been lately indicated by your authorities for telecommunications services' supply. The supply of Telecommunications providers by monopolies and also the period of unique permits were visiting a finish. It was a global trend to which basic theory was enshrined in Post 4 of the Agreement. The developing goals of our authorities and also the goals of our people needed a revolutionary change in the manner Telecommunications providers were supplied. For this plan place our Authorities exhibited dedication and handle.

We acquired a global financing companion to help us within the change procedure and subsequently wanted. The World Bank supplied mortgage financing which was compounded from the five authorities and responded the phone call.

Obviously, because we navigated uncharted seas, we experienced disturbance on our trip. Suffice it to express that after the incumbent couldn't determine the negotiations' conditions to finish its unique permit, the Organization threatened to finish its procedures in An Associate State – possibly for that Member’s role.