In line with its requirement underneath the ECTEL Treaty, ECTEL is distributing a draft Telecommunications (Numbering) Rules for opinion. A numbering strategy is just an assortment of methods targeted at ensuring each customer is supplied with a variety that is unique. Within the ECTEL telecommunications room, it's meant the nationwide numbering ideas utilized in each Participant State are harmonized. To be able to make sure that a harmonized coverage is reflected by the nationwide plan in each Participant Condition, a theme National Numbering Program has been created in the Local Numbering Plan. Involved parties are likely to be supplied with comprehensive procedures once Numbering Rules are passed within the Member Condition.

Discussion Process
To be able to execute this discussion, ECTEL hereby demands the Fee to perform a nationwide consultation about the recommended draft modified Telecommunications (Numbering) Rules prior to the ‘Consultation Process and Timetable’ defined below.

Council of Minister’s Acceptance
It's ECTEL’s purpose after considering all responses obtained within this discussion process to complete these Rules.