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The agreement creating the Western Caribbean Telecommunications Authority (ECTEL) was authorized.

ECTEL - What's ECTEL? What're its duties? What's the connection between the NTRCs and also ECTEL?

The main reasons of ECTEL will be to advertise-:

W. Harmonized guidelines on the local stage of the Contracting States for telecommunications;

D. In order to guarantee the largest possible use of telecommunications at an inexpensive price from the folks of the Contracting States and also to allow the folks of the States to talk about within the independence to speak over an effective and contemporary telecommunications community, a common service;

N. A target and regime that is harmonized in telecommunications of the States;

Elizabeth. Reasonable pricing and cost's utilization - pricing techniques within the Contracting States by telecommunications companies;

Y. Good competition methods by anti- practices by telecommunications companies within the States;

g. Sophisticated telecommunications technologies' launch and a heightened selection of providers within the Contracting States;

h. Telecommunications within the States' overall improvement;

T. Nationwide services of telecommunications within the advancement.